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Dear customers,
we want to introduce our company Bakr s.r.o. which is focused on selling original accessories and original parts of mobile phone brands such as Nokia - MICROSOFT, Sony , Samsung, LG, HUAWEI, Xiaomi and official distributor for Czech and Slovak republic for following accessorries brands - Cg Mobile Cases (Ferarri,Guess,BMW.MERCEDES-BENZ,MOLESKIN), ROXFIT, NILLKIN, USAMS, REMAX, PUDINI, MERCURY and KISSWILL. Nowadays, company Bakr s.r.o. provides supplies over the Czech Republic and in other European countries. Thanks to our experience on the market with mobile phones Bakr s.r.o prides our self on being the “go to” guys for all your accessories and spare parts needs - best prices, fast delivery and the quality of products.
We´re looking forward to working with you,
Best regards
Bakr s.r.o.

Terms and Conditions

Bakr s.r.o., Třebohostická 564/9, 100 00, Praha 10 - Strašnice IČ: 26725274 DIČ: CZ26725274 (herein after the "Seller") specifies these Terms and Conditions for execution orders any merchandise from the e-shop delivered to customers (herein after the “Buyer(s)”)

1. General Enactment

These Terms and Conditions are valid for a purchase from e-shop Bakr s.r.o. Terms and Conditions specifies law and responsibilities of the seller and the buyer. All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. If the contracting party is a consumer, he has to obey, the relations, which do not govern these terms and conditions, the Civil Code (Act No. 40/1964 Coll.) and Consumer Protection Act (No. 634/1992 Sb.). Links to these laws can be found under this part of the terms of trade. If a party to an entrepreneur, he has to obey, the relations, which do not govern these terms and conditions, which apply to entrepreneurs Commercial Code No. 513/1991 Coll. All as amended. The customer confirms that trading conditions for the supply of goods declared by the seller. Relations between the buyer and seller are subject to these terms and conditions, which are also binding on both parties. Definition of Terms Consumer contract – is a contract purchase, a contract work, or any other agreement, if the parties are, on the one-hand consumers and on the other supplier. The supplier / seller – is a person who at the conclusion of the contract and acting within their business or other activities. It is the entrepreneur who, directly or through other business supplies the buyer with products or services. The buyer is customer of our online store. Due to current legislation distinguishes between the buyer who is the consumer and the buyer who is not the consumer. Buyer - Consumer is a person who at the conclusion of the contract and do not act in his business or any other business. It is a natural or a legal person who buys goods or services for purposes other than trading these products or services. The buyer – is not the consumer, is the trader who buys goods or services used for the purposes of it are business with these products or services. The buyer is governed by the terms and conditions to the extent that it is involved and Commercial Code. Purchase Agreement - Buyer's order is a sales contract and the actual purchase contract is concluded at the moment of delivery of the binding agreement the buyer's proposal (binding order confirmation by the seller). From that moment between the buyer and the seller is created mutual rights and obligations. At the moment of concluding the purchase contract is the buyer bound by the terms and conditions and the buyer agrees with them. The buyer has to get notification about these conditions, otherwise the buyer is not bound to these terms and conditions.

2. Ordering merchandize

We provide to you a possibility do a purchase from your home, where you can do the shopping 24 hours a day. Ordering merchandize is easy, you will be able to do it through a shopping cart or an email. The main object of contract is only goods specified in the purchase agreement - order. We are committed to our customers, that we will deliver only goods in perfect quality and in accordance with the specifications or features usual for the type of goods conforming standards, rules and regulations applicable in the Czech Republic and also properly equipped Czech instruction manuals, warranty certificates and lists post-warranty service centers, if it for a given commodity usual. Condition for the fulfillment of our electronic order completion is fulfills all required data specified in the order form. In the case, that a price of product was changed by supplier during the ordering. We can modify the order after agreement with the buyer or we can unilaterally with immediate effect leave the contract. The same privilege we reserve to even if the manufacturer ceases to deliver the ordered product or a new version of the product or significantly change the price of the product. Accepts orders will be processed within 24 hours (at work days from 9:00 to 18:00). About Order confirmation, order processing, and the shipment you will be informed by e-mail. In case of doubt, we will contact you by an email or a phone.

Friday – all EU orders until 16:30 will be shipped the same day,all other will be shipped on Monday

3. Payment terms and Methods of payment

All prices include VAT 21%. Seller reserves the right to change prices. The current prices are confirmed to the buyer by the seller at the time of order confirmation and are dependent on the type of buyer registration and current prices at the time of the order. If the price is lower or same than in the e-mail order, we do not confirm the order and the goods are delivered for the price valid at the time of the order. If the price is higher than the price specified in the order, the seller shall inform the buyer, who can accept the new price or refuse. Payment condition is cash payment upon handover of the product or the ability to use other payment methods, which are listed below. Methods of payment: cash on delivery invoice - this option we offer to our regular customers.Minimum for order to be send out is 150€.

With effect from 1 January 2016 price package UPS standard 10-15 Eur according to foreign destinations. Price package UPS cash on delivery,according to destination 15-20 Eur. Orders over 350 Eur shipping for free.

4. Terms of delivery

Deliveries goods will be execute in the shortest time according to product availability and operational possibilities. It usually takes 1-5 days working days in exceptional cases delivery time may be longer. A place, where you can take goods is determined based on the buyer's order. In fulfillment of delivery shall be deemed delivery of the subject to that address. The installation is not the subject of delivery. The seller provides transport goods to a destination. Shipment of goods contains instructions for using the product in the Czech language and warranty card, if it for a given commodity usual tax document is part of the consignment. Shipments are default transported by DPD, PPL, UPS. The customer is informed in advance by telephone on -time delivery carrier DPD, PPL, UPS. If the buyer does not take the subject matter of the reasons on his part (eg, not in spite of the agreed term presence of the purchaser or a designated person is unable to pay the purchase price), the purchaser bears the costs associated with repeated delivery in full.

Not taking goods

If the buyer fails to take over the ordered goods and the goods will be returned to the seller, the seller is entitled to require incurred costs of delivering the goods in full. After returning goods back to the business of the Seller, the Buyer will issued standby invoice for the transport of goods with a maturity of 10 days. If the invoice is not paid, the seller is entitled to demand the payment by judicial way.



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